Eileen’s Bar

Eileen's Bar, Kilcrohane

Eileen’s Bar, Kilcrohane, Sheep’s Head Peninsula, Co Cork

Visited: March 2016

Even in the deepest depths of West Cork you are never far from a great pub. On a March day we went for a drive down The Sheep’s Head peninsula, with the famous Tin Pub of Ahakista high on the agenda for the day’s activities. But it was not to be. On the outward journey, a sign in the window of The Tin Pub said “Open Soon”. We hoped that by the time we returned the half door would be open. So I went next door to ask the opening time. The reply from the lady of the house wasn’t what I anticipated.  “July” she said. Not to be deterred from our plans to visit a great Irish pub, we looked for a recommendation from a local in the Sheep’s Head Visitor Centre. And so, our sights were duly set on Eileen’s.

Eileen’s is located in the tiny village of Kilcrohane. You will find it on the bend of a very minor road beside an old stone bridge. There is a row of windows at the front of the bar, which form a bright alcove overlooking the stone bridge. The bar is located at the back of the room and it’s dark and inviting. An open fire to the left was the main source of light and heat in that end of the room. On the afternoon that we visited it was filled with locals watching an important GAA match. The pub seemed like the beating heart of the little community of Kilcrohane.

We were enticed by the late afternoon sunshine and the scattered seats outside the bar. We sat on an assortment of old stools, crates and kegs and enjoyed the sound of the nearby river babbling under the bridge. Our unexpected visit to Eileen’s was the perfect postscript to a day visiting the Sheep’s Head peninsula.

Directions: Heading west through the middle of the village of Kilcrohane, there is a turn to the right. You’ll see Eileen’s from the main road.

Nearby: The Seep’s Head Peninsula

Eileen’s Bar, Kilcrohane, Co Cork

Ph: +353 (0)27 61144

Eileen’s Facebook Page

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